Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17-June 23

Another pic sent to Kirk while we were apart!
I went to yoga this week! It was different, Ive done yoga before in high school but just to relax during dance class! I expected it to be a lot more relaxing but it was more work! I could do a lot of the poses but some of them were kind of difficult and I wasnt use to being upside down! I'd love to go again...but maybe find a more relaxing class!
It was great because we got our SRP bill for the month and since we werent living there and turned everything off before we left we only had to pay the minimum...$29! Woo hoo! Saving money during the hottest part of the year!

 I finally went to the MVD to get the last thing on my list changed to my new last driver's license! No one likes the MVD but I did not have a good time at all!! The lines are always long so after I got to the front desk and got my application she told me to go wait by the photo station! So they took my picture and told me to wait by the photo area for my name to be called...I assumed it was to get my license because everyone else was! So I waited and waited and waited and noticed that my number was skipped on their prompter! At first I thought I didnt need the number but I heard another women 45 mins earlier say her number was skipped and she had to tell someone! So I went to the photo station and the lady rudely said "what are you waiting for?" So I told her her I was waiting for my name to be called and my number was skipped on the prompter and she said "our prompters dont just skip number, you havent had your application looked at yet so you need to just sit and wait". I knew I wasnt going to get helped so I went to the front desk and told the lady! She phoned a lady at a window and said "this lady missed her number" I was so mad because I was paying attention! So she sent me to a window and 2 minutes after the lady started working on my application she said "oh no the computers are frozen...Ill go check the back and see what's going on". So I waited again...then I noticed all the ladies in the other windows were finishing up their work and my lady had been gone for 10 minutes! I saw her walking around and talking to different people, then she came back and said "oh look, the computers are back up!" She was sunburned and she smelled like lotion when she returned! I was so frustrated! So she finished, I took my application, finally got my license and left! I could've been there for 1 hour but I ended up being there for 2! Ugh I never want to go back!

I must have had a rough week because a few days later I got a flat tire! I was turning into a parking lot at 5:45pm so the sun was in my eyes and didnt notice that the curb turned so I ran right into it! I heard a big thump so when I parked I looked at it and I had a flat tire! I know how to change a tire but I couldnt figure out how to get Kirk's tire off! I called Austin Figueroa because he lived about a mile from where I was but he was going on a date in 15 minutes so he called Aaron Pew to come help me out! Lucky for me Aaron and his girlfriend Camille were leaving the gym so they came to the rescue! We couldnt get the tire off or find the right parts in the car so we had to run to Walmart to get a few things! Aaron found one part in the car and when I said how did you find it he said "Whitney you forget that Im a cop and am pretty good at searching vehicles"! We got it changed and I head home! 
It didnt help that when Kirk heard about it he wasnt having a very good day! Oops.

I tried to be patriotic and paint my toenails for the upcoming holiday!

One night I went with Alyn and Bishop to downtown Mesa! We parked the car and rode the lightrail to Mill Ave. and walked down to Slices, a good pizza place! We ate then went across the street to Urban Outfitters for some shopping! I found this necklace on sale for $5 and I loved it! It says "never let me go"

I played with Molly while I was home! She thinks playing with her toys means tearing their heads off and ripping the stuffing out of them! Silly dog!

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