Thursday, October 24, 2013

Arizona State Fair

The fair is always a fun place to go...for the food, rides, blowing money and of course, the people watching!
We went with Aaron and Camille and had lots of fun! 
First we got a giant turkey leg and strawberry lemonade!

The 3 of them went on the Mega Drop ride while I played photographer!

I got to steal a kiss while Aaron and Camille were on the Ferris Wheel!

 The people were as epic as ever and those fried oreos were a mouthful! One was enough but after 6 and a taste of Aaron's dessert we were done with sweets! 

Kirk tried his hand at breaking bottles!

The animals at the fair are always interesting! The petting zoo was just as goat stood sleeping the whole time, another kept after Kirk and Aaron's hands expecting food, one bit a whole in my jeans and the llamas were so funny looking!

I hope we get to go again next year!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mitch and Colleen's Wedding

We love any opportunity to go to Sedona and spend time with family! 
It's even more fun when it's for a wedding! 
Mitch and Colleen tied the knot!

We got there the night before and got a room downstairs at Uncle Bill's house! 
The next morning everyone got ready and we headed to the resort at the airport where the ceremony was held! 
Kirk got to wear his cufflinks from his grandpa!

It was an awesome setting with the red rocks in the background! 

Weston and Kimber came into town and we all sat together!

The ceremony was so sweet, they wrote their vows and on the way down the aisle the groomsmen threw flower petals! The bridesmaids had beautiful, authentic, vintage, mint colored dresses!
Right after everyone mingled and got fun pictures taken! 
Sam and Cherri had reserved a room at the resort so we all went and hung out there while dinner and the reception were set up! 
I love seeing all the brothers hanging out together!

Once it was ready we all went back to ceremony area where tables were set up and waited for the bride and groom! They made a grand entrance and did the best choreographed first dance ever! 

We all enjoyed each other's company, ate the yummy ordervs (bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms) and got our coats cause it started getting chilly!
Finally dinner started and we all found our places by the map! Each table was named a city and had a pic of Mitch and Colleen there! 

Our table consisted of Kirk and I, Jim and Jan, Logan and Blair, Scott and Megan, Weston and Kimber! They had a babysitter back in the room for the kids! 
They were pouring us champagne so Aunt Jan made sure to tell the waitresses that this was the Mormon table and we dont drink!
We had a heating lamp by our table that kept going out and we were constantly huddling under it!
 They were some lovely toasts given and then dinner was served! It was all good and we got up and walked around a little to the dessert table!

Then dancing started and we were tired and cold so our immediate family got the kids and went back to Uncle Bill's house while everyone else partied!
We sat around and talked then went to bed!
The next day Kirk and I got dressed up and took some pics with Kimber!
More on those later :)

Mitch's side of the family/wedding and even some of Colleen's bridal party are from Australia since that is where they are living! So Saturday for lunch they had a BBQ with lots of Australian food, treats and flags! 

Kirk and I had originally planned to stay through Sunday but we went home Saturday night!
 Mitch, Colleen and some of their wedding party left for Vegas then off to their honeymoon! 10 weeks from country to country will be an adventure for them!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Austin & Marcie's Wedding

We were so excited to hear that our friends Austin and Marcie got engaged! They are a cute couple!

 I went to her bridal shower on a Saturday and watched her open all her fun gifts! Then she had a bachelorette party that Melisha, little Brielle and I went to together to BJ's then her friend's house to play games! I made her a fun video interview of Austin! We played games that involved questions and drinking Red Bull (can you say headaches, stomach aches and no sleep all around) haha, nails got did and lots of girl talk! She got lots of lingerie lucky her!

3 of us in one piece of underwear!

Austin had a camping bachelor party but Kirk couldnt make it!

We were so happy to get to be present at their temple wedding! I just love the temple and its always a good reminder of the wonderful blessings that come from it! 

Kirk was lucky enough to be a groomsman!

The reception was in her parent's backyard and the set up was so cute!

The reception was so fun! I love dancing so her dance floor and DJ was right up my ally! I LOVE when Kirk dances with me!

They left and had a fun honeymoon in Hawaii!
Yay for joining the married club!