Saturday, February 9, 2013

Whitney's Birthday!

I always love my birthday! I dont know if its because I love celebrating things or because I like the attention! haha I reminded Kirk many times..."It's February, my birthday month"..."It's my birthday week" and "tomorrow is my birthday!" haha The day fell on a Saturday this year and I had to wake up early. I agreed to do some service and join another hairstylist to cut 3 young women's hair in our ward. I dont know why but they wanted us at their house at of course I had to wake up extra early to get ready! It went well and the girls loved their hair! Then I went straight to work, luckily I only had one client! Then at 12:30 I met Kirk and some friends for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen! It was so good...although they forgot my food! Of all people...mine! haha But we got it on the house so I didnt complain! 2 of my friends gave me presents which was so nice of them! I got a necklace and earrings from Marcie and a necklace and gift card from Melisha!

After that Kirk and I went home because he said he had a surprise for me! He had decorated the ceiling in red and blue streamers which was awesome and he gave me a card! It was so sweet along with a shopping spree card for $70! I was so excited!

 He then told me to close my eyes and led me into our extra bedroom...sitting there was something covered in a blanket! So I uncovered it and it was a desk painted to match our armoir! I was totally surprised, he had made it himself! I gave him a hug, he said "now you just need a sewing machine" and I said "eh, we'll get one one day"! He reached into his pockets and said "oh shoot I forgot something" and walked out! So I followed him, he sat me down on the couch and told me to close my eyes again! I was expecting something small (hence him checking his pockets) but he sat a HUGE box on my lap! I opened my eyes, unwrapped it and found a SEWING MACHINE! I was totally surprised i got teary-eyed! Along with it came a class schedule so I can learn how to use it and a perks card from the store! He is such a sweetheart!

After that Kirk went to the gym and I went shopping! We met at 5pm at YC's Mongolian Grill to eat with my family! Everyone was there including my grandma Kelly, Papa and Grandma Pauline! We all ate together, talked and enjoyed eachothers company! My grandma Kelly gave me a card with money and a binder with church stuff she made me! My mom also gave me a card and a gift certificate for a massage! I got SO spoiled this year!

Alyn and Kirk

Bishop, Jeffery & Tyler

Bishop, Jeffery, Tyler & Grandma Pauline

Grandma Pauline, Papa & Grandma Kelly

 Kirk, Bishop, Jeffery & Tyler

Me & Dad

Kirk and I came home and hung out for the rest of the evening! But the partying wasnt over!
Wednesday my mom took me to get a massage! It was so relaxing! I also got a foot detox, i dont know who it works but in the beginning the water is clear and they put this little machine in the water. Then half way through the massage the water is cloudy! We relaxed for over an hour and they ladies were nice!

I went shopping for a few days til I spent all my money on shirts! Kirk was surprised I spent it all already! haha I definitly got spoiled for my 24th birthday party! 

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