Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

My family got rid of our fake tree last year because it was very sad looking! So they decided to get a real one! We left in the morning and headed up north around the Heber area and drove into the forest to  hunt down our perfect tree! We parked, and walked and walked and walked around searching for a good looking tree! One rule is you cannot top off trees, meaning if the tree is 20 feet tall you cannot cut off the top 8 feet! But usually that is the best looking part! So we looked around and would think we found one but it usually didnt look that good! On our drive out we spotted a good one so we pulled over and walked out to it! Well we couldnt see from the road but it was just the top of the tree that looked good! Soooo we took it! Shh dont tell anyone! By this time it was noon so we stopped and got pizza for lunch! We got home around 5 and Kirk joined us to set the tree up! We put it up, took a step back...and it looked awful! It was so bare! Apparently trees look better in their home in the forest! haha We took it down, my dad sawed it up and we went to Home Depot and picked up a tree! haha It was an adventure!

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