Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party

My mom has been telling the family for years that she has always wanted a surprise birthday party! My grandma threw her one when she was a teenager but my mom said my grandma invited all of her own friends and my mom didnt love it! So we decided this year for her 44th would be perfect! We did it on Saturday the 10th so she wouldnt expect it! We spent about 2 weeks planning, buying, making and inviting people! A lot of her friends showed up! My dad's main job was to keep her busy all afternoon on Saturday which he said proved harder than it sounds! Most partiers arrived at 6pm and my parents got home at 6:30 on the nose! We turned off all the lights, crowded around the door, yelled surprise! and blew horns when she turned on the lights! She was so surprised!

Each person took a turn being blindfolded and playing Pin the Moustache on Mom!

 The birthday card I made her...the concept was a lot cooler than it turned out! 

 Alyn and I made her very own skull pinata! She liked it so much she didnt want to hit it open!

 Jeffery, Magan, Tyler, Me and Kirk

 Cooper, Aunt Mandy, Zade and Mom

Then Sunday evening we all went to dinner at Culver's for her birthday!

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